United States Constitution

House to House Raids at Gunpoint in Massachussetts

05/05/2013 17:34
https://youtu.be/YWsbBhzxYw8 Watch innocent citizens get ordered out of their own homes at gunpoint following the Boston Bombing.   

Fourth Amendment: Two Ways to Approach your Inland-Border-Patrol Checkpoint

03/30/2013 12:06
Okay, this might be my new favorite how to video on defending your Fourth Amendment   https://youtu.be/mrtbNrQvNbM 

Fourth Amendment: Internal Road Blocks Are Illegal

03/30/2013 11:57
https://youtu.be/2nAZC80xgMo    My all time favorite! This guy rocks! Know your rights. Read the Bill of Rights! 

Army Vet Harassed for Free Speech

03/30/2013 11:52

First Amendment: Cop Tries to Intimidate & Force to Stop Filming

03/30/2013 11:50

Fourth Amendment: Check Point Defeated

03/30/2013 11:49

First Amendment: It's NOT Illegal to Film Cops

03/30/2013 11:49

Fourth Amendment: Man Plays With Police at Unlawful DUI Checkpoint

03/30/2013 11:46

Fourth Amendment: How To Resist Unlawful Checkpoints

03/30/2013 11:45
  https://youtu.be/pmcaSN4AsQQ    Compiled videos of how to resist unlawful DUI or immigration checkpoints. 

Fourth & Second Amendments: Police Officer Gets Owned by Law Student

03/30/2013 11:44
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Here are some primary source documents.  This is not a report about what so and so said, these are the documents released by the United Nations, Council on Foreign Relations, the US Military and other US government entitites.  


Agenda21.pdf (1 MB) This is the United Nation's plan for the 21st century. Replace the euphemisms with honest vocabulary for a true understanding of what they are saying.  Agenda 21 is in direct conflict with the Uinted States Constitution.


FEMA COG SOL.pdf (451,9 kB) This is the FEMA work orders and supply requisitions.


USArmy-InternmentResettlement.pdf (3,6 MB) This is the Army document that was leaked which describes how political dissenters in America will be re-educated in FEMA camps.  They didn't know that George Orwell meant for 1894 to be scary science fiction, not the dreams of crazy power-hungry wackos.