Food Safety

Doctor Says Genetically Modified Wheat a “Perfect, Chronic Poison”

12/05/2012 10:13  Many of us are shunning wheat for lots of reasons, but we usually cite gluten as the culprit. Cardiologist and author Dr. William Davis, however, says it’s not gluten that makes modern wheat a...

Dangers of Fluoridated Water

11/18/2012 21:21
Enlightening 13-minute video detailing the dangers of the "fluoride" used in municipal water supplies. Click here to watch the video, then purchase a Birky or ProPur water filter to filter out the fluoride and chlorine (also harmful to your body...causes cancer).  The fluoride is *not*...

1999 GMO Study Resulted in Rats with Tumors

10/26/2012 21:08
The most recent GMO study duplicated results of previous studies: rats fed GMO diets developped tumors, lesions, dead babies, inflamed testes, abnormal sperm, and more. Why are you feeding this "food" to your children? Click here for a detailed PowerPoint presentation on the effects of GMOs and...

Do GMOs really cause tumors?

10/25/2012 13:41 (Click link for full article.) This week, a French research team published a paper in a peer-reviewed US journal showing that rats exposed to low doses of both genetically modified corn and the widely used herbicide Roundup...

2012 GMO Study Reveals Tumors in Rats and More

10/02/2012 10:16
The abstract   For the less scientific reader

GMO's at Whole Foods?

10/02/2012 09:53
This short documentary exposes the GMO's being sold at Whole Foods Market. The original video was removed promptly by YouTube. Let's see if this one is still up by the time you click it!!
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