Bill Gates Supports Death Panels and Eugenics

01/04/2013 11:46


Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft Windows and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is a eugenicist.  He believes that the world has a definite carrying capacity, a theory pushed heavily into the minds of Americans in the 1960’s.  He believes that it is a waste of money and medical resources to try and save the elderly or to provide them with quality of life toward the end of their life.  This is the same Bill Gates that went to India and paralyzed 47,500 Indians with his “polio vaccine.”  This is the same Bill Gates that equates vaccines with population control; if vaccines are supposed to save lives, how is that conducive to population control or population management? 

A eugenicist will try and convince you (and many genuinely believe this themselves) that vaccines save lives, so if an Indian or African mother knows that her babies will mostly likely reach adulthood, thanks to the vaccines, then she will have fewer children, thus reducing the rate of reproduction.  I can’t even begin to pick apart this false logic, it has been debunked by too many to waste cyberspace on it.

Watch this video to witness Bill Gates try to convince Americans that we have to choose between teachers and medical care for the elderly.  Maybe instead of spending his billions on vaccines in the Third World, he should hire some teachers, open a school, that actually educates Americans...a school that teaches students the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.  Wow, imagine that!  

Here, Bill Gates admits that the goal of vaccines is to limit population growth, not to save lives. 

And here and here (fast forward to 5:45) and here and here