Prominent Psychiatrist Warns against pills and vaccines

12/20/2012 21:14


This psychiatrist made a video response to the Sandy Hook, CT school shooting, in which Adam Lanza was the alleged only shooter. Student witnesses were interviewed and filmed saying a man was chased, handcuffed and sitting in the front of the squad car, a 911 recording had a teacher saying she saw two shadows run past the gym, but that is another story for another day. The point of this video is to draw your attention to the systematic DRUGGING of our children.  It's bad enough adults choose to drug themselves, but when we drug our children, we set them up for much hardship, physically, emotionally/psychologically, and even intellectually.  Instead of drugs, try nutrition! I see students at my school eating Red 40 food coloring, high fructose corn syrup, genetically modified and processed garbage all day long, including the "USDA approved school lunch" and then we wonder why their little brains aren't working properly.  


Click here to see her response to the mass shootings lately (all shooters have been doped up on pharmaceutical cocktails).  Basically, she says drugging our kids is a cop out and she has helped children and adults with psychosis withOUT any drugs. She went into children's psychiatric hospitals and got all the drooling, doped up kids off the drugs. She also warns of the dangers of vaccines and effects on the brain and body.