Eugenics as a For-Profit Industry

02/10/2013 14:01

Senomyx is the company that travels the country harvesting organs from aborted human babies, or fetuses, as some insist on calling them, in order to remove their humanity. Out of their 77 or so artificial flavors, all but 7 contain the Human Embryonic Kidney 293 (HEK293).


Abortion has gone from "safe but rare" to "everyone's getting one, and Nestle & Kraft are making billions off the use of aborted babies' organs." 


If you have a soul, this bothers you. If your eyes glaze over and you think, "well it's true, they're not human..." then you need help. 


Here, CBS tries to justify the use of HEK293, "... a perusal of Senomyx's patents suggests that it may well be. All but 7 of the company's 77 patents refer to the use of HEK 293 (human embryonic kidney) cells, which researchers have used for decades as biological workhorses. (For the bio-geeks among you, these cells offer a reliable way to produce new proteins via genetic engineering.)

The company appears to be engineering HEK cells to function like the taste-receptor cells we have in our mouth. This way, Senomyx can test millions of substances to see if they work as different types of taste enhancers without subjecting human volunteers to endless taste tests." 


Here, you can purchase some HEK293 for yourself and patent flavors and also make billions off the murder of aborted babies: