Eugenics: Good or Bad?

11/21/2012 14:35


In case you didn't know where I stand, eugenics is bad. It's disgusting. It pushes the notion that people of color and poor whites should not be reproducing.  Eugenics was made popular by Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, who went all over the third world sterilizing women who thought they were getting a free health check-up but instead were snipped sterile.  Even many pro-life thinkers believe big families are selfish; they have bought into this notion that the collective is more important the individual, that because resources on earth are scarce, it is irresponsible to have more than two children-just enough to replace the population. Really, it's no one's business if a family decides to have no children or ten children.  


Eugenics is a thriving sub-culture in America and in other industrialized nations.  Planned Parenthood is a multi-billion dollar industry that has millions of people convinced that they are providing us a service that we couldn't live without. That without Planned Parenthood, millions of women would die from back-alley abortions.  Hello!  They are dying! They are being maimed!  Women are under the impression that abortion is safe, and it's not.  Planned Parenthood operates in the shadows because they don't want anyone seeing what goes on there.  They call the police when witnesses film ambulances pulling up to rush women dying from internal bleeding.  Women need to understand that ripping a well-developed fetus from their uterus is very dangerous.  They need to understand how hard that "doctor" is yanking on that baby that doesn't want to be pulled out.  God made the placenta attach securely to the uterus on purpose you dumb "doctors." 


Sorry, this turned into an undirected rant.  I just get worked up when it comes to abortion.  See, I used to be pro-choice, until I read "Blood Money" by Carol Everrett.  My whole understanding got flipped on its head and I realized I had been duped into believing #1) it's not a baby (it's a baby!) and #2) it's safe (it's really dangerous and you don't even need to be a surgeon to perform this surgery!) and #3) that the "so what if we sleep around and have sex for fun, why should we be forced to give up our freedom for that baby that I don't want" attitude was okay.  None of this is okay.  Planned Parenthood only wants to make a lot of money, so take off your rose colored glasses and accept the fact that you too have been duped all these years.  They want $$$$$ money!  Only money, that's all they care about.  If they cared about keeping us from getting pregnant, they would put out ads encouraging young girls to study and to keep their legs shut, not put out sexually explicit ads that show teenagers having sex, thus condoning it.  Even if you're not Christian, do you really think it's okay for your 13 year old to be having sex?  With multiple partners? If you do, then you are perhaps beyond help.  


Here are some documents which show the callous beliefs of the eugenicists:

The Groningen Protocol — Euthanasia in Severely Ill Newborns.pdf (62,9 kB) The Groningen Protocol calls for the death of infants born, for example, with Down Syndrom.  


Afterbirth Abortion Journal of Med Ethics 2011 2.docx (34,2 kB)


1974 Kissinger Report Population Control.pdf (461,5 kB)