Impeachable Actions (Obama)

03/30/2013 10:55



Obama's Impeachable Actions

March 27, 2013 |

Ron Paul on the real reason Bill Clinton should have been impeached; Ralph Nader on why Obama should be impeached- cites Judge Andrew Napolitano on how Bush and Cheney were war criminals-impeachable offenses-and points out that what Obama has done is as bad if not worse than what the two evil twins did.

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Judge Andrew Napolitano on why Obama actions on the sequester/budget alone [not including unauthorized wars and drone bombings] are impeachable: 

The president is intentionally inflicting pain on the American people for political purposes  --   [minute mark 2:20 --  Q: “Is what he’s [Obama] doing [with respect to inflicting intentional pain on the American people] constitutional?”  A:  “It’s [what the president is doing to inflict pain] within his [constitutional] power to do it but it’s so offensive, it is impeachable…this willful conduct is unacceptable.”

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