Researchers: Dangerous Mutant Polio Virus Shed in the Stools of the Vaccinated

09/10/2015 14:22


Researchers: Dangerous Mutant Polio Virus Shed in the Stools of the Vaccinatedby Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

It is well known scientific fact that any individual vaccinated with live virus vaccines such as polio, MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), rotavirus, chicken pox, shingles and influenza can shed the virus for many weeks or months afterwards with the very real potential to infect the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.


One of the most shocking cases of vaccine induced viral shedding involved a father from Staten Island who became paralyzed with polio from changing his recently vaccinated baby’s diaper. He was awarded $22.5 million dollars, but it took 30 years in court to finally prove his case.

Now, an even more disturbing case of vaccine viral shedding was reported in the journal PLOS Pathogens in August 2015 that involved a dangerous, mutant form of the virus that was full strength and capable of triggering an epidemic. The discovery was made by a team from the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire in the UK.


The case, which turns out to be far from isolated, involved a British man who had been fully vaccinated against polio as a child. Vaccines contain a weakened (attenuated) version of the live virus, but in this case, the vaccine version of the virus was not sufficiently destroyed by the man’s immune system (1).  It is important to note that at the time of the patient’s vaccination against polio at the ages of five, seven and 12 months old, followed by a booster when he was about seven, he was thought to be perfectly healthy and not immunocompromised in any way.

Instead of being destroyed by the immune system, the weakened polio virus from the vaccine survived inside the victim’s body, mutating and replicating in the gut until it was a powerful, mutated version of the original virus. This mutant polio was shed in his stool for nearly 30 years and is capable of causing paralysis and death, threatening the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals alike.

The UK research team that made this discovery is now warning that similar cases could trigger new vaccine resistant outbreaks and hamper efforts to eradicate infectious diseases. This especially given the growing number of immunocompromised children and adults today who, in most cases, get vaccinated anyway.

Most importantly, the researchers are suggesting that significant changes in immunization strategies might be required to effectively stop the occurrence of mutant vaccine viruses and prevent pandemics.

Man Sheds Mutant Polio in His Stool for 3 Decades

The British man’s stool samples contained high levels of polio virus – levels at which infection of others could occur.  What’s more, the researchers estimated the man had been shedding live polio in his stools for as long as 28 years.

The virus had also mutated so dramatically that it was no longer the weakened, or “attenuated”, version of the polio virus used in vaccinations.

The man’s mutant polio infection was resolved by using blood plasma taken from people with healthy immune systems who had sufficient levels of polio antibodies in their blood.

Numerous Mutant Polio Strains Being Isolated from Sewage

The scientific team reporting this discovery warned that several highly mutated polio strains, all originating from vaccines, have been isolated from sewage samples in Slovakia, Finland, Estonia and Israel.

Lab analysis confirmed that all the mutated polio strains came from vaccines.  In other words, the viruses bore the molecular fingerprints of “iVDPVs”, which stands for vaccine-derived polio viruses from immunodeficient individuals.

Quite rightly, the researchers have called for regular and enhanced surveillance of sewage samples and stool surveys from vaccinated individuals to search for the presence of iVDPV strains.

Individuals found to have the mutant polio virus in their gut would require powerful anti-viral treatment immediately to halt virus replication.

Will Mutant Vaccine Viruses Cause the Next Pandemic?

Given the widespread number of people who are immunocompromised today with numbers growing rapidly around the globe, it is likely that the occurrence of vaccine induced mutant viruses will continue to escalate in the coming years. One has to wonder whether the mysterious polio-like illness that has affected more than 100 children in dozens of states since the summer of 2014 has something to do with this phenomenon (2).

In fact, with the relentless push toward mandatory vaccines for all with medical exemptions few and far between, the next pandemic may well originate from a mutant viral strain that was spawned in the gut of a fully vaccinated individual.

The “cure” for infectious diseases actually the cause?  Definitely a storyline worthy of a movie script and not a far fetched one either.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist


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