40 Children Paralyzed after Vaccines - Dec 2012

01/06/2013 19:16
VacTruth website summarizes various sources.  At the bottom of their article, they will provide you with a healthy list of works cited.  Do not take my word for it, do not take their word for it, always research back to the primary source.  Look at the WHO (World Health Org)...

Merck Scientist Admits Cancer Virus in Vaccines

12/25/2012 22:19
lick here for the YouTube recording of the interview in which Dr. Maurice Hileman admits there were AIDS and cancer viruses in vaccines.    Merck vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman admitted presence of SV40, AIDS and cancer viruses in vaccines Learn...

Prominent Psychiatrist Warns against pills and vaccines

12/20/2012 21:14
  This psychiatrist made a video response to the Sandy Hook, CT school shooting, in which Adam Lanza was the alleged only shooter. Student witnesses were interviewed and filmed saying a man was chased, handcuffed and sitting in the front of the squad car, a 911 recording had a teacher...

Gardasil genetic fingerprints found in postmortem samples of girls given vaccine

11/21/2012 23:07 (NaturalNews) A recent study published in the open-access journal Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs provides shocking new evidence that viral components contained in the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil are capable...

World Health Organization Vaccines Paralyze over 40,000 People in India

11/11/2012 20:39 

Scientists Give Autism to Monkeys in University of Pittsburgh Experiment

11/11/2012 20:25
Yes, you read the title correctly.  Scientists gave one group of monkeys vaccines and a control group received saline injections instead.  The vaccininated group developed autistic behaviors as well as brain development abnormalities.  In the 1980s, children received less than 10...

Mandatory Experimental Vaccinations Looming

10/26/2012 21:03
The American Medical Assocation wants to mandate children to be injected with experimental vaccines. has a great article on it.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the article to link to the primary sources.  Never believe such an insane statement without seeing the...

Watch how mercury disintegrates brain neurons

10/21/2012 15:26

Dangerous Vaccine Banned Then Allowed Back Into the UK

10/02/2012 10:19
Read the article here
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